Assignment 01 Web Application Development


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The assignment will be completed in two parts, due a week apart. Part 02 will use the materials from
Part 01 in an unaltered state. Failure to meet this guideline will result in the 30% penalty for nonsubmission. You will be graded on your ability to meet the goals and requirements outlined in the
Premise, Part 1, and Part 2 sections below.
In future assignments you will modify, improve, and change many of the UX and UI elements in this
assignment. This project will be the basis for future work; keep that in mind when making decisions.
You will create a website for handling a gaming (analogue or digital) collection, including games,
reviews, wishlists, and other content. In this assignment you will construct the basic layout, design, and
preliminary navigation. Additionally, you will develop the initial brand for your gaming site.
Part 1
 Create views for the following pages using the provided names:
o Index.cshtml – Home page; should display on launch
o Item.cshtml – Dynamic page for displaying a game (or other item)
o AddItem.cshtml – Page for inserting new items displayed by Item.cshtml
o Data.cshtml – Page for displaying various derived or aggregate data
o User.cshtml – Page for a user to initiate actions (scheduling a meetup, create a review,
 Add branding, images, and styling (CSS) for the home page.
 Include navigation to the sub-pages outlined above.
 Sub-pages must be blank, empty view files.
 Any styling (CSS) should be used throughout the site, and can be modified from a single location.
Part 2
 Use Razor pages to achieve consistent design and code reuse across the collected pages.
o Do not update your Home page to use Razor pages.
 Populate all pages (except the Home page) with appropriate content based on their
 All pages may be static, and include non-functional elements or placeholder outputs.
o Index.cshtml
o The initial CSS file

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