Assignment 02 ASP.NET Views


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The assignment will be completed in two parts, due a week apart. Part 02 will use the materials from
Part 01 in an unaltered state. Failure to meet this guideline will result in the 30% penalty for nonsubmission. You will be graded on your ability to meet the goals and requirements outlined in the
Premise, Part 1, and Part 2 sections below.
In future assignments you will modify, improve, and change many of the UX and UI elements in this
assignment. This project will be the basis for future work; keep that in mind when making decisions.
You will expand your gaming site website from Assignment 01. Specifically, you will create a partial view
for handling the inputs and display of data inputs based on your specific gaming objects. You will also
update the AddItem page to use this control. A rudimentary system will be implemented to persist the
data entered in the control, and to display it on the Item page. An ItemsList page will be added to show
all the items added to the system.
Part 1
• In the Views\Shared folder, create an empty partial view for form-based inputs.
• Update the AddItem page to:
o Include the partial view.
o Include a save button.
o Include a cancel button to return to the home page.
• All pages should use a layout file for their styling and shared content.Part 2
• In the Models folder, create the appropriate classes to represent your gaming items. Populate
these classes with any necessary members.
• Update the partial view from Part 1 to dynamically include labels and inputs for each property of
the model.
• In the Models folder, create a repository class to hold item data in a series of collections.
• When the user clicks the save button on the AddItem page, persist the form data to the
repository collections.
• Update the ItemsList page to display a list of items from the repository.
o Clicking an item should load the Item page with all the collected details.
• DO NOT EDIT the following Part 01 items:o AddItem page.
o Any models added to the Models folder.
▪ New models may be added to supplement these objects.

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