Assignment 1 COMP 3608


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Assignment 1
(COMP 3608 – Intelligent Systems)

Total Mark: 100 marks (weighted 7% out of 100%)
1. [60 marks] Use the algorithms and examples presented in Topic 1 to implement the uninformed
search methods using Prolog programming language.
a. [20 marks] DFS (Depth-First Search)
b. [20 marks] BFS (Breadth-First Search)
c. [20 marks] UCS (Uniform-Cost Search)
2. [40 marks] Use the algorithms and examples presented in Topic 2 to implement the informed
search methods using Python programming language.
a. [20 marks] BestFS (Best-First Search)
b. [20 marks] AstarS (A* Search)
Assignment Requirements and Marking Scheme
• Your programs should display the contents of open list and closed list for each iteration while
• For each of the search algorithms above,
– the program runs correctly and the solution path is displayed [20 marks]
– the program runs correctly but the solution path is not shown [15 marks]
1. At the top of your program, you should include the following information.
Full Name:
Student ID:
Course Code:
2. Submit your source programs files (i.e.,,,,,
zipped into the file named (e.g., to Mr. Inzamam via
the email [email protected]
3. Late submission penalty: 10% per day, up to five days
End of Assignment 1

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