Assignment 1: Information Theory.


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# Assignment 1: Information Theory.

Answer the short answer questions in the **answers** file, just like you did in A0. Most questions are worth between 1-5 points. Note: unlike assignment 0, we don’t check your answers as part of the presubmit.

## Submission instructions

As with Assignment 0, please submit by running the submit script, only with -a 1 (since this is assignment 1).
./assignment/ -u your-github-username -a 1

It is your responsibility to check that your work has made it to your GitHub repository in the a1-submit branch. As always, a small number of points will be given in each assignment for submitting in the right place.

It will be tempting, if you are familiar with Git, to do something more complicated. Try to resist. The only step in the submission process is to run that command. Don’t send pull requests, don’t merge to master, don’t git merge. Just commit to your local repo and run the submit command. If you want to get yourself into a weird state despite this warning, please at least take the time to read and understand the script above!

PlaceholderAssignment 1: Information Theory.
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