Assignment 2 ArrayDeque implementation


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Assignment 2

1) [10 marks] Complete Exercise 2.4 from the textbook. In particular, modify the file provided. It currently has the ArrayDeque implementation. Your solution must not use any class from the JCF or ODS. You solution must work directly with one or more arrays.

When testing, we will call all public methods (and constructors) with the same signature. Do not change the interface. Change the code in the public methods (if necessary). You are free to add your own private/protected helper methods.

2) [10 marks] Complete the BulkArrayDeque class provided. This class extends the ArrayDeque class (from ODS). In particular, you will complete the removeRange(i,j) method which removes all list items from index i up to but not including j. You must do this as efficiently as you can.


Submit a single zip file that has a directory called comp2402a2. Your two (2) java files should be in this file. Do NOT submit .class files or any other files. Do not submit the or files (and be sure to NOT modify your version of these files!).

Once the submission server is running you may submit as many times (there will be delays if you submit too often) before the deadline. DO NOT wait until 11:59am on Wednesday to submit.

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