Assignment 2: Neural Networks


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# Assignment 2: Neural Networks

This assignment consists of two notebooks:
* [NNBasics](NNBasics.ipynb), Neural Network Basics in NumPy
* [TensorFlow](TensorFlow.ipynb), in which we’ll train our first deep neural network with TensorFlow / Keras
* [answers](answers) file where you’ll put all your answers

You may want to review the notebook for [lesson 2](../../materials/lesson_notebooks/lesson_2.ipynb).

## Submission Instructions

As with Assignment 1, please submit by running the submit script, only with `-a 2` (since this is assignment 2).
./assignment/ -u your-github-username -a 2

It is your responsibility to check that your work has made it to your GitHub repository in the `a2-submit` branch. As always, a small number of points will be given in each assignment for submitting in the right place.

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