Assignment 3: Embeddings & ML Fairness


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# Assignment 3: Embeddings & ML Fairness

This assignment consists of the following:
* [embeddings](../../materials/embeddings/embeddings.ipynb), introducing basic text processing for representing text as vectors. No work, but you’ll need this information for the rest of the assignment so read it carefully!
* [Embeddings](Embeddings.ipynb), in which we’ll introduce the cosine similarity calculations and perform the analogy test.
* [Machine Learning Fairness](MLFairness.ipynb), in which you’ll explore bias and debiasing in ML

There are also some questions about your project. There are no points associated with these questions. They are here to ensure that you are on track.

## Submission Instructions

As with Assignment 2, please submit by running the submit script, only with `-a 3` (since this is assignment 3).
./assignment/ -u your-github-username -a 3

It is your responsibility to check that your work has made it to your GitHub repository in the `a3-submit` branch. As always, a small number of points will be deducted in each assignment for submitting in the wrong place.

PlaceholderAssignment 3: Embeddings & ML Fairness
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