Assignment  5 – lab exercise A


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Description   There  is  a  store  that  allows  consumers  to  rent  different  types  of  vehicles.  The   consumer  only  provide  the  range  of  money  he  can  spend  and  how  many  days  he   wants  to  rent,  then  the  program  can  return  the  information  of  vehicles  that   match  his  requirements.       General  describe  your  task   Your  job  is  to  design  those  different  types  of  vehicles  including  OldVehicle,   NewReleasedVehicle  and  Motorbike,  which  are  the  subclasses  of  the  Vehicle   class.     A. Create  classes:  (15  points)   Create  three  subclasses  of  Vehicle  including  OldVehicle,   NewReleasedVehicle  and  Motorbike.    B. Adding  attributes:  (10  points)   • NewReleasedVehicle:  adding  a  private  data  field  named  energy,  and  the   type  of  which  is  an  enum  type  (Energy).  • Motorbike:  adding  a  private  data  field  named  deposit,  which  is  an   integer  and  it  means  the  deposit  of  motorbike.    C. Constructor.  (15  points)   • OldVehicle:  Only  one  constructor  with  two  parameters  including  name   and  basicPrice.    • NewReleasedVehicle:  Only  one  constructor  with  four  parameters   including  name,  basicPrice,  chargeable(boolean)  and  oiling(boolean).   In  constructor,  we  need  to  give  energy  an  initial  value  as  follows       HYBRID   ELECTRIC   GAS   chargeable   true   false   true   oiling   true   true   false    • Motorbike:  Only  one  constructor  with  three  parameters  including  name,   basicPrice  and  deposit.
D. Override  abstract  method.  (30  points)   You  need  to  implement  the  abstract  method  getRental()  in  those  three   subclasses.  The  algorithm  for  calculating  the  rental  value  is  as  follows.       Algorithm   Example   OldVehicle   If  you  rent  vehicle  lower  than  3  days,   the  rental  would  be  basicPrice,   otherwise,  the  rental  would  be   basicPrice+(days-­‐3)*basicPrice*  20%   If  you  want  to  rent  5  days   and  the  basic  price  is  400,   the  rental  is  560  NewReleasedV ehicle   If  you  rent  vehicle  lower  than  4  days,   the  rental  would  be  basicPrice,   otherwise,  the  rental  would  be   basicPrice+(days-­‐4)*basicPrice*  30%   If  you  want  to  rent  5  days   and  the  basic  price  is  400,   the  rental  is  520  Motorbike   If  you  rent  motorbike  between  5(k-­‐ 1)+1  and  5k  days,  the  rental  would  be   k*basicPrice+deposit.   If  you  want  to  rent  8  days,   and  the  basic  price  is  400,   and  the  deposit  is  100,  the   rental  is  900.      E. Override  toString()  method.  (20  points)     The  toString()  method  in  all  subclasses  must  invoke  the  toString()  method   in  its  superclass.     • OldVehicle:  The  return  value  of  toString()  method  consists  of  two  parts.   1. A  String  “Old  ”.   2. The  return  value  of  toString()  method  from  its  superclass.    • NewReleaseVehicle:  The  return  value  of  toString()  method  consists  of   three  parts:     1. A  String  “New  ”.   2. The  return  value  of  toString()  method  from  its  superclass.   3. The  value  of  desc,  which  is  an  attribute  of  Enum  type  energy.    • Motorbike:  The  return  value  of  toString()  method  consists  of  two  parts.   1. A  String  “Motorbike  ”.   2. The  return  value  of  toString()  method  from  its  superclass.      F. Implement  interface.  (20  points)   Only  OldVehicle  and  NewReleasedVehicle  need  to  implement  the  interface   “Insurance”.   In  override  method  InsuanceDescription,     For  OldVehicle,  it  needs  to  print  “Purchased  insurance”   For  NewReleasedVehicle,  it  needs  to  print  “Purchased  high-­‐value  insurance”
Here  is  a  Sample  Test   public  static  void  main(String  []  args)  {       ArrayList<Vehicle  list=new  ArrayList<Vehicle();       list.add(new  OldVehicle(“FORD-­‐maverick”,400));       list.add(new  NewReleasedVehicle(“Tesla-­‐Model2”,1500,true,false));       list.add(new  Motorbike(“YAMAHA-­‐ys150”,600,200));             for(Vehicle  v:list)  {         System.out.println(v);         if(v  instanceof  Insurance)  {           ((Insurance)  v).InsuanceDescription();         }       }             }         Sample  Output:             What  to  submit   • Compress  all  following  files  into  one  folder,  and  then  submit  them  into   sakai.   vehicle.txt    • Do  not  do  any  modification  of  those  files  given  to  you.  (,

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