Assignment 6 Recursion


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// ~ Overview ~ //

This assignment asks you to solve problems using recursion, which is
one of the most important and powerful concepts in computer
programming. Recursion is a little tricky to get used to at first;
however, with a little experience, it is very straightforward. Pay
very close attention to this assignment, since recursion is heavily
used throughout the rest of the course, including assignments and

// ~ Learning Goals ~ //

(1) Recur
(1.a) Recur
(1.a.i) Recur
(1.a.i.i) base case.
(1.a.i) sion.
(1.a) sion.
(1) sion.

// ~ The Partition Problem ~ //

This assignment asks you to solve a set of related problems:

* partition a positive integer with different restrictions

Partitioning an integer means breaking the integer into the sum of
some positive integers (including the integer itself).

For example, 3 can be partitioned into
1 + 1 + 1
1 + 2
2 + 1

You must write partition functions that have particular properties as
specified in “answer06.h”. The class notes contain a lot of
information that will be helpful in doing this assignment.

Your solution must be general. You will receive zero if you hard code
the answers for some cases, something like the following:

if (n == 3)
printf(“1 + 1 + 1\n”);
printf(“1 + 2\n”);
printf(“2 + 1\n”);
} // Marker: does this person really think they’ll pass the exam?

if (n == 4)
printf(“1 + 1 + 1 + 1\n”);
printf(“1 + 1 + 2\n”);
printf(“1 + 2 + 1\n”);
printf(“1 + 3\n”);


This solution is not general and you will receive zero.

// ~ Determining Your Mark ~ //

The tester program is there to ensure that you have followed the
instructions correctly.

Run the tester program as follows:


Please refer to the PA01 README for more information on the tester

// ~ Hint ~ //

a) You will need some sort of int buffer to contain the partition results
as they are created. If you partition the number N, then you will need a
buffer (array of ints) that can store N values. (i.e., the largest
partition of N is 1+1+…+1).

b) As mentioned above, you will be asked to print partitions that satisfy
certain restrictions. If an input has no partitions that satisfy the
restriction of the function you’re in, do NOT print an error message!
Instead, since there are 0 partitions that abide by that restriction,
simply do nothing and return.
Eg. See ‘partitionPrime(1)’, located in the expected output file


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