Assignment 7: Various


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# Assignment 7: Various

This assignment consists of a set of questions contained in the answers file as usual. There is no notebook to accompany this week.

There are five questions about your projects. We won’t (can’t!) grade these for real. In fact, some questions may not make sense to your project.

Instead, we’re using these questions to:

a) *Communicate to you* that you should be far enough along in your project that you should be able to easily answer these questions at this point, should they apply to your project. “Winter is coming!” 🙂

b) *Give us a chance* to find projects that are stuck. Don’t rely on us to do this. Instead, seek us out – come to OH, etc.

Grading wise, our plan is to only care that you provide answers (if they make sense for your project)..

## Submission Instructions
As with Assignment 1, please submit by running the submit script, only with `-a 7` (since this is assignment 7).
./assignment/ -u your-github-username -a 7
It is your responsibility to check that your work has made it to your GitHub repository in the `a7-submit` branch.
As always, a small number of points will be deducted in each assignment for submitting in the wrong place.

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