Assignment#1 GradeTracker




Here are the instructions (Note – 3 files are due)

1)      Create an Excel worksheet that has the necessary formulas to keep track of your class grade.  Base the calculations from the course syllabus.  The Excel Document can have multiple tabs if needed.  You will need to refer to this file later in the semester.

a.      Submit the file to the Cougar Courses as “GradeTracker_YourName”


2)      Use MS Project to edit the “class plan” file.  Add the final exam test and date it appropriately.   You may have to use Cougar Apps (theCitrix system) for editing this file.

a.      Submit the new edited file to Cougar Courses as “ClassPlan_YourName”


3)      Save the MS Project file above from #2 as an Excel Document.  Make sure the final exam task is listed.

a.      Submit the new Excel file to Cougar Courses as “ClassPlan_YourName”