Comp790-CompBio (Project Proposal)


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Your Names Here Comp790-CompBio (Project Proposal)
• You only need to submit one document per group. Please cc all members of your group on the email
so that everyone gets credit for completing the proposal.
• Feel free to write as much as you need to address the following about your project. For example, a
paragraph is probably sufficient for each section.
• You do not need to use this LaTeX template, but please ultimately submit a PDF.
1 Title
What is the title of your project?
2 Group Members
Who are the group members working on the project?
3 Abstract
Write a 3-5 sentence summary of the main idea of your project. For example,
Cats are a very common animal on earth. Despite their abundance, the distribution of time they spend
sleeping and napping is not well characterized. Here we present DeepCat, a state-of-the-art deep learning
approach for learning the transitions of a cat between sleeping and napping. We evaluate our algorithm on
three open source cat datasets and achieve superior performance in two out of the three datasets.
4 Formal Statement of the Problem
What is the problem you are trying to solve? Why is it important for people to care about?
5 Related Work
What is some related work to your problem of interest? If there is no relevant related work, explain the
work that caused you to be curious about the question that you are asking.
6 Contributions
State your main contributions. What do you expect to show with your work?
7 Datasets
What dataset will you use to evaluate your method or contribution?
8 Intended Experiments
Can you come up with 1-2 computational experiments that you will do to evaluate your approach?
Your Names Here Comp790-CompBio (Project Proposal)
9 Expected Challenges
Are there any aspects of what you are proposing that you expect to be particularly challenging?
10 Implementation
What code will you provide at the end? What will be the inputs and outputs of your code? How will you
share your code?
11 Preliminary Results
Share any preliminary results that you have. If you don’t have any, write a brief timeline for your implementation and experiments.

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