CS 335 Assignment 1


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CS 335 Assignment 1

• Submission will be through Canvas.
• Create a zip file named “cs335_<roll>.zip”. The zipped file should contain a folder
assign1 with the following files:
– Implementation files in your chosen implementation language.
– Four test case files containing proper non-trivial Java programs. You should name the
test files as “test_<serial number>.java”.
– A script file named similar to the sample “” shared with this assignment
problem. The script should generate an output file “test_<serial number>.out” with
the desired output format, corresponding to an input file.
– A PDF file describing any tools that you used, and include compilation and execution
• You should use LATEX typesetting system for generating the PDF file.
• Submitting your assignments late will mean losing points automatically. You will lose 20%
for each day that you miss, for up to two days.
• Please write your code such that the exact output format is respected (if any).
• We will evaluate your implementations on a Unix-like system, for example, a recent Debianbased distribution.
• We will evaluate the implementations with our own inputs and test cases, so remember to
test thoroughly.
Problem 1 [50 points]
Create a lexer (i.e., scanner) for the Java language. The complete lexical structure for Java 8 is
available here1
The output of the lexer should be a file containing a list of the form Lexeme | Token | Count.
Input. Consider the following input Java program.
p u b l i c c l a s s Program {
∗ T hi s i s my f i r s t j a v a p rog ram .
p u b l i c s t a t i c void main ( S t r i n g [ ] a r g s ) {
i n t da ta = 5 0; // d e c l a r a t i o n
boolean f l a g = f a l s e ;
Expected output. The output should (1) list and classify all unique lexemes into proper syntactic
categories, and (2) provide a count of the 〈lexeme, token〉tuples.
Lexeme Token Count
public Keyword 2
class Keyword 1
Program Identifier 1
{ Separator 2
static Keyword 1
void Keyword 1
main Identifier 1
( Separator 1
String Identifier 1
[ Separator 1
] Separator 1
args Identifier 1
) Separator 1
int Keyword 1
data Identifier 1
= Operator 2
50 Literal 1
; Separator 2
} Separator 2
boolean Keyword 1
flag Identifier 1
false Literal 1
The tool should report any tokenization error due to lexical errors in the input program.

CS 335 Assignment 1
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