CS 335 II: Assignment 2


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CS 335 II: Assignment 2

• Submission will be through Canvas.
• Create a zip file named “cs335_<roll>.zip”. The zipped file should contain a folder
assign2 with the following files:
– Submit a PDF file with name “<roll-no>.pdf”.
– Implementation files in your chosen implementation language. Include compilation and
execution instructions in the PDF file. Also, describe any tools that you used.
– You should use LATEX typesetting system for generating the PDF file.
• Submitting your assignments late will mean losing points automatically. You will lose 20%
for each day that you miss, for up to two days.
• Please write your code such that the exact output format is respected (if any).
• We will evaluate your implementations on a Unix-like system, for example, a recent Debianbased distribution.
• We will evaluate the implementations with our own inputs and test cases, so remember to
test thoroughly.
Problem 1 [50 points]
For the following grammar, design a predictive parser and show the predictive parsing table. Remove
left-recursion (if any), left-factor your grammar.
S → (L) | a
L → L,S | LS | b
Problem 2 [50 points]
Show that the following grammar is LALR(1) but not SLR(1).
S → Lp | qLr | sr | qsp
L → s
Problem 3 [50 points]
Construct an SLR parsing table for the following grammar.
R → R | R
R → RR
R → R
R → (R)
R → a | b
Resolve the parsing action conflicts in such a way that regular expressions will be parsed
normally. Include your disambiguation rules in the PDF file.
Problem 4 [50 points]
A dissertation consists of a title and one or more chapters. Each chapter consists of zero or more
sections. A section consists of one or more paragraphs. Each paragraph can consist of one or more
sentences. Sentences can be of three types: declarative, exclamatory, and interrogative. Declarative,
exclamatory, and an interrogative sentence ends with ‘.’, ‘!’, and ‘?’ respectively.
• You can assume that “Title”, “Chapter”, and “Section” are keywords, and will not appear in
the text body.
• A paragraph may start immediately after a Chapter or Section. Two paragraphs are separated
by at least one blank line.
Punctuation marks are period, comma, exclamation, semicolon, and question mark. Sentence
separators are only period, exclamation mark, and question mark. Whitespace, comma, and
semicolon are valid separators between any two words within a sentence.
You can assume the words will be well-formed from the English alphabet.
The text may include decimal numbers. Note that integers and floating point numbers (only
using decimal point, no scientific notation) may appear in a sentence in a paragraph.
We have provided a sample dissertation to elaborate on the specifications. Write a parser for
such a semi-structured dissertation. Compute the following statistics.
1. Print the title of the dissertation.
2. Print the total number of chapters, sections, paragraphs, sentences, and total number of
words across all paragraphs. That is, ignore the title, chapter, and section lines while counting
words. Also, ignore digits and numbers.
3. Print the number of declarative, exclamatory, and interrogative sentences.
4. Pretty print a Table of Contents (ToC) for the dissertation. You should limit till Sections in
the hierarchy.
Print in the following format:
Title: An Elementary Introduction to Compiler Design
Number of Chapters: 7
Number of Sections: 9

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Section 1.1: Contribution One
Section 1.2: Contribution Two
Section 1.3: Contribution Three
Chapter 2: Background
Chapter 3: Contribution One
Section 3.1: Introduction

You are free to use any parser generator (for e.g., Yacc, Bison, or ANTLR) for your implementation. Remember to include the source files and instructions in your submission.

CS 335 II: Assignment 2
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