CSC 421 – Assignment 4


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CSC 421 – Assignment 4

For this assignment you should complete the posted Python notebook.
To setup follow these steps.
Download the python notebook for this assignment. Put it in the directory of your choice. Also
download the following python pickle files:
Put them in the same directory.
After having installed Anaconda and Tensorflow, execute
jupyter notebook
and select assign4_post notebook and do the exercises there.
Installing Anaconda and Tensorflow in Windows
1. Download and install the latest Anaconda 64 bit:
When you install it, please take care to click on the box asking you to include Anaconda in the PATH.
2. Download a precompiled Tensorflow environment:
Unzip the file and put it under C:
Your directory will be C:\tf
3. Go to the directory of your choice (where you put the assignment files above). From command line
execute: activate C:\tf
Then execute: jupyter notebook as described above.
Installing Anaconda and Tensorflow in Mac
1. Download and install the latest Anaconda 64 bit:
2. Create Conda Environment for tensorflow and activate it
Create Conda Environment named tensorflow:
conda create -n tensorflow
Activate the environment using:
source activate tensorflow
3. Downloand and install Tensorflow:
Download wheeler file for TensorFlow and save it anywhere in you machine:
Note the path to this wheeler file, let’s call it PATH_TO_FILE here.
Install tensor flow library on the newly created tensorflow environment using:
pip install –ignore-installed –upgrade PATH_TO_FILE
4. Check if tensorflow works fine:
From the environment created, launch jupyter notebook:
jupyter notebook
Open a new python3 notebook and try running:
import tensorflow as tf
If the cell runs without any error, you are all set to go!
If you have problem with the installation in Windows contact Jinghan ([email protected])
If you have problem with the installation in Mac contact Pooja ([email protected])

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