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CSCE 111

Write a program that inputs 2 positive numbers from the user and outputs the number that is closer to 50.
If they are the same distance, output that they are the same. If the user enters negative numbers, show an error message and quit the program.

Hint: You can find the absolute value of a number x by using Math.abs(x)

Example Output:
Enter two numbers: 32 57
The number 57 is closer to 50

Name your class Hw2pr1 and your file


Write a program that asks the user to enter a number. Then output true or false depending on whether the number ends in ‘teen’.
You only need to look at the last two digits of the number to determine this.

Hint: Think about how to use the modulus operator which is introduced on Page 55 of your textbook.

Example Output (assuming the program is run 3 times):
Enter a number: 17

Enter a number: 27

Enter a number: 2215

Name your class Hw2pr2 and your file


Your age really tells us how many times the Earth has circled the Sun since you were born. Other planets can take shorter or longer times to complete their orbit.
Write a program that asks the user to enter their age on Earth and a planet name and outputs their age on that planet.
Round your answer to 1 decimal place. Check that they entered a valid positive number for the age.

Here is a list of the planets you can use:
Planet Earth Days for 1 orbit
Mercury 88.0
Venus 224.7
Mars 687.0
Jupiter 4332
Neptune 60200

Name your class Hw2pr3 and your file


Your class has a large number of students and the TA needs your help sorting the names to mark attendance quickly.
Write a program that asks the user to enter in 3 names and then outputs them in sorted order. If the same name is entered,
output them in any order.

Hint: Look at Section 3.6 in the textbook or Slide 21 in the code slides for an example of how to compare Strings.

Example Output:
Enter the first name: Robert
Enter the second name: Ryan
Enter the third name: Cindy


Name your class Hw2pr4 and your file


You were driving a little too fast and have been caught speeding by a police officer.
The officer is a bit of a geek and offers you 3 options to calculate your fine:

Option 1 : Base fine of $50, +$7 for each mph you were over the limit.
Option 2 : Base fine of $70, +$3 for each mph you were over the limit.
Option 3 : Base fine of $100, +$1 for each mph you were over the limit.

Write a program that takes as input the speeding limit and the speed clocked by the officer. Check that the input is valid.
Then output the option that gives you the lowest fine, as well as the fine amount. If 2 options produce the same result,
you can output any one of the options.

Name your class Hw2pr5 and your file


You have been hired by a friendly vampire to help him figure out his diet. He can only drink certain blood types depending on his blood group compatibility.
To determine this, write a program that takes as input his blood type, and the blood type of his prey and outputs whether they are safe to consume.
You can assume all input to be uppercase characters.

Here is a blood type compatibility chart that will help you determine safe targets. The vampire is the recipient and the prey is the donor.

Hint: Writing your cases will be much shorter and easier if you use the Java String method ‘contains’.
It works like this:

//if we have 2 strings str and str2
String str = “abc”;
String str2 = “bc”;

//we can use contains on one of the strings (str) to see if it contains the other (str2)
boolean b = str.contains(str2);

In this case, b will be true. Since contains gives us a boolean, you can directly use it in an if statement:
if (str.contains(“a”)){
//do something

Think about the patterns that occur in the compatibility chart, and how you can quickly check them using contains.

Example Output:
What is the vampire’s blood type? A+
Which blood type is on the menu today? O+

Safe to consume!

Name your class Hw2pr6 and your file

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