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CSCE 111


Write a program that contains 3 overloaded static methods for calculating the areas of the following shapes.
All 3 methods should be named calculateArea, but have different parameter lists.
– Circle : Ï€r²
– Rectangle : width x length
– Trapezoid : height x (base1 + base2)/2

In the main, ask the user to enter the name of a shape and then the parameters required for calculating the area. Check that inputs are valid.
Then call the appropriate area method and output the result.

Name your class Hw6pr1 and your file


Write a class called Fraction, which can be used to store an exact fraction. It must have:
– A field to store the numerator
– A field to store the denominator
– A toString method that returns a neatly formatted String representing the fraction
– An equals method that compares itself to another Fraction
– An add method that adds itself to another Fraction and returns a new Fraction
– Appropriate constructor and accessors as needed

Write a program that asks the user to enter the numerators and denominators of two fractions and create corresponding Fraction objects.
Check for valid input and a 0 denominator.
Then output both Fractions (using your toString method implicitly), whether they are equal, and their sum.
Note: You do not need to reduce your answer for the equals and sum.

Name your main class Hw6pr2 and your file Submit all .java files


You have been hired by TAMU Transportation Services to write a program that simulates all parts of a TAMU police officer issuing a parking ticket.
The classes you need to create are:
– Has fields for the car’s make, model, color, license plate and number of minutes parked.
– Appropriate constructor and accessor methods
– A field for the parking lot number
– A field for the number of minutes that were purchased on the meter.
– Appropriate accessor methods
– Has fields for the officer’s name and officer’s badge number
– A method called examine which takes as arguments a ParkedCar and ParkingMeter and determines if the car is parked illegally.
The officer then determines a fine which is calculated as $1 for each minute over the limit.
It returns a ParkingTicket if required, or returns null if not.
– Appropriate constructor and accessor methods
– Has fields which contain the fine amount, the parking lot number, the car’s information and the police officer’s information.
– Appropriate constructor and accessor methods

Now, write a main in which you create 3 ParkedCar objects and 3 ParkingMeter objects.
Initialize each of these 6 objects with a random number (between 1-500) for the minutes (make up the rest of the Car information).
Now create 1 PoliceOfficer (make up a name and badge number) that examines each ParkedCar and its associated ParkingMeter objects and generates a ParkingTicket if required.
Your final output should be the number of ParkingTickets generated, along with the information about the ParkedCar, PoliceOfficer and the ticket amount, for each ticket.
If there were no tickets generated, display “No tickets generated!”

Name your main class Hw6pr3 and your file Submit all .java files


Write a program that asks the user to enter a String, then output the sum of all digits found in the String.

Hint: Trying to sum the characters directly will add the ascii value of the character. The easiest way to treat a char as an int is:
int x = Character.getNumericValue(ch); //where ch is a char

Example Output:
Enter a String: akvn34va3a74
The sum is 21

Name your main class Hw6pr4 and your main file


Given 2 strings that have all letters in common except one, find the letter that is the odd one out.

Hint: Check out the Java String class documentation. Is there a String method that can make this easy?

Example Output:
Enter 2 words:

The extra letter is r

Name your class Hw6pr5 and your file


Palindromes are words that spell the same backwards or forwards, such as ‘noon’ or ‘racecar’.
However, more interesting are palindromic sentences, which sometimes dont make any sense.
For Example:
Eva, Can I Stab Bats In A Cave?
Never Odd Or Even!
Goddesses so pay a possessed dog.
Write a program that asks the user to enter a sentence and determines if it is a palindrome. Ignore spaces, case and punctuation.

Name your class Hw6pr6 and your file

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