Data Structures and Algorithms Lab Assignment no. 1


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CS 211 Data Structures and Algorithms Lab

Assignment no. 1
Objective To implement Stacks using array
and use it to solve the Tower of
Hanoi/ Tower of Brahma/ Lucas’
Total marks 10

There are two tasks in this assignment – Task 1 and Task 2. The solution for Task 1 must be
used to solve Task 2 and the evaluation will be based on the output of Task 2.
Task 1
The objective of this task is to implement Stacks using arrays. You need to implement PUSH
and POP operations. There should be checks for Stack Overflow and Stack Underflow. The
maximum size of stacks must be n, which will be given as a command-line argument.
Task 2
The objective of this task is to solve the Tower of Hanoi/ Tower of Brahma/ Lucas’ Tower (ToH).
In TOH, there are three poles A, B, and C. There are n disks each of them has a different
diameter. Initially A contains all these n disks in the increasing order of diameter (the largest
disk is at the bottom of the pole).
Objective: To move all the n disks to the pole C by following the below rules:
(i) only one disk can be moved at a time;
(ii) each move consists of taking the upper disk from one of the poles and placing it on top of
another pole or on an empty pole;
(iii) a disk cannot be placed on top of a disk with less diameter.
While solving this problem, you have to use three stacks A, B, C in place of three poles and
each move consists of popping one element from one stack and pushing that element to
another stack. Initially all disks are to be pushed to the stack A.
Command-line argument:
Your program should receive one command-line argument: the number n of disks.
You can assume that the k
th disk has a diameter k units.
The output of your program should be in a file named ‘toh.txt’. Each line should denote a stack
operation. The first n lines must be “Push disk <k> to Stack A”, where k takes values n to 1 (in
decreasing order). This is required to make sure that all n disks are in Stack A before solving
the problem. Then the remaining stack operations must be written in order to achieve the goal,
i.e., to place all disks in Stack C in the same order in which they present in Stack A initially. If the
stack operation is Push the disk 3 to Stack B, then the corresponding line must be “Push disk 3
to Stack B”. If the stack operation is Pop the disk 4 from Stack B, then the corresponding line
must be “Pop disk 4 from Stack B”. In short, every line must have six words where each two
adjacent words are separated by a single white space.
Word 1: “Push” or “Pop”
Word 2: “disk”
Word 3: <the-disk-number>
Word 4: “to” (if Word 1 is “Push”) or “from” (if Word 1 is “Pop”)
Word 5: “Stack”
Word 6: “A” or “B” or “C”
● The program you submit should output: toh.txt when we run the program for evaluation.
● The main file of your program should be named as <roll no>.<extension>, where roll no.
specifies your roll no. and the extension depends on the language you choose (Usage of
C is mandatory for this assignment). Ex: 200010001.c.
● Test well before submission. Some sample outputs are attached.
● If your program has only a single source file, please submit the file as it is. If your
program has multiple source files, please submit your code as a zip file where the name
of the zip file should be your roll number. It is important that you follow the input/output
conventions exactly (including the naming scheme) as we may be doing an automated
evaluation. There will be a penalty of 5% (on the mark you deserve otherwise) if
you do not follow the naming conventions exactly.
● Follow some coding style uniformly. Provide proper comments in your code.
● Submit only through moodle. Submit well in advance. Any hiccups in the moodle/internet
at the last minute is never acceptable as an excuse for late submission. Submissions
through email or any other means will be ignored.
● Acknowledge the people (other than the instructor and TA) who helped you to solve this
assignment. The details of the help you received and the names of the people who
helped you (including internet sources, if applicable) should come in the beginning of the
main file as a comment. Copying others’ programs and allowing others to copy your
program are serious offences and a deserving penalty will be imposed if found.
● To consider for the first evaluation without penalty, you have to submit your program by
the due date. If you submit after the due date but on or before the cut-off date, there
will be a penalty of 5% on the marks you deserve otherwise.
● If you do not submit by the cut-off date, your program will not be considered for the first
● We will do the first evaluation after the cut-off date. The marks you obtain will be
proportional to the number of correctly placed disks in Stack C (starting from stack
bottom) after the execution of the program. Please note that the marks will be 0 if you do
not write the first n lines that push n disks to Stack A. For evaluation, we will simulate the
output produced by your program. So, if there is any error being encountered while
doing the evaluation (for example, your algorithm says to Pop from an empty Stack) then
we will stop the simulation. Also, if a line is formatted inappropriately, then also we will
stop the simulation.
● After the first evaluation, you will get a chance to improve your program. For this, after
modification, you can submit your code for second evaluation. It comes with a 20%
penalty. The due date for the second evaluation will be announced after the first
evaluation. Those who submit their code after the cut-off date and before the due date
for second evaluation will also be considered for the second evaluation. Submissions
done after the due date of the second evaluation will be ignored.

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