Database Management System Assignment 2


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Database Management System
Assignment 2

Assume the following data is given. For a fast access, we want to create a Hash Table using bucketing
and chaining. Use bucket size of 2 in your hash table as (partly) shown below.
As hash function use Mod10 which finds the remainder of the division of ID field by 10.
In case of collisions, if the bucket is full, you should use chaining to store the records.
The data contains ID and Tag fields as given below:
ID Tag
132 AA
17 BN
111 MS
24 UH
12 AB
65 LP
31 OK
92 GT
73 JD
27 BT
19 ES
82 UR
61 FC
157 ER
Draw the hash table, and show the collisions. Create the links connecting the main area buckets to the
overflow area buckets whenever a collision happens. Add any explanations that you find necessary.

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