Final Project Proposal Design and Implement an iOS App


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CSC 371/471 Mobile Application Development (iOS)
Final Project Proposal
Design and Implement an iOS App

• Page limit: 2 pages single-spaced (including graphics).
• A proposal for your final project is mandatory.
Requirements of the Proposal
You are required to address each of the following items specifically. Proposals with one or
more of the following items missing are considered Not Approved.
• Project title
• Your name
• Indicate either:
§ This is an individual project, or
§ This is a team project.
• Names of team members. If this is a team project, list the names of all the
members of the team? (submit one proposal per team)
• Project description. What will your app do? What are the main features or
• Preliminary screen design. Describe each screen and include drawings of each
screen. Hand-drawn diagrams are acceptable.
• API features used. What API features will be used in this project? Your app must
include at least two API features covered in lectures in week 9 and 10, including
§ Quartz 2D drawing
§ Multi-touch events
Alternatively, you may substitute either of two required features with some API
features that are not covered in the lectures. You must specify clearly what they are.
• For team projects:
§ The size of each team should be 2 – 3 students.
§ The size and complexity of a team project should be proportional to the
team size. You must provide some justification.
§ More details are expected for team project proposals.
• More details on the feature design and screen design
• Distribution of labor among the team members
General Guidelines and Expectations
• The final project is expected to be at least twice the size and complexity of any
programming assignments. In other words, an individual final project is expected to
have 4 – 6 screens.
• It is mandatory to use Xcode 10 and Swift 4 for the final project.
• The expectation on the robustness and overall quality of the final project will also be
higher then the expectations on programming assignments.
• It is acceptable to make an improved clone or variation of some exiting apps.
• Make it interesting and be creative.
• You may receive bonus points for exceptional quality in some aspects of your app.
Bonus points are awarded at the sole discretion of the instructor.

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