Homework #3 – Class SavingsAccount


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In this assignment you are asked to implement a SavingsAccount class used to represent a savings account at a bank. This class will track the account’s current balance as well as the annual interest rate that applies to all accounts. The following UML class diagram shows the attributes and behaviors of class SavingsAccount. Note: UML type Float will map to type double when implemented in C++.
Figure 1. UML class diagram for class SavingsAccount
1. (1 point) Create files named “SavingsAccount.h” and “SavingsAccount.cpp” to hold your implementation of class SavingsAccount. 2. (1 point) Define a namespace based on your first and last name (e.g. “RayMitchell”) in which you will define class SavingsAccount. 3. (1 point) Define class SavingsAccount in the files and namespace created in the previous steps. The class should have two data members: a. savingsBalance (type double) – an instance data member representing the current balance for the account b. annualInterestRate (type double) – a static data member representing the annual interest rate for all accounts 4. (1 point) Define a constructor that takes a single parameter used to initialize the account’s balance. The constructor should ensure that the initial balance is nonnegative; if the initial balance is negative an error message should be output and the balance should be set to zero. 5. (1 point) Define member function getSavingsBalance that returns the account’s current balance. 6. (1 point) Define static member function setAnnualInterestRate that sets the annual interest rate used by all accounts. This function should ensure that the annual interest rate is non-negative; if the interest rate is negative an error message should be output and the interest rate should be set to zero. 7. (1 point) Define member function applyMonthlyInterest that calculates the monthly interest earned for the account (1/12 of the annual interest) and adds the interest to the account’s balance. 8. (1 point) Make SavingsAccount’s member functions const where appropriate.
-savingsBalance: Float -annualInterestRate: Float
+SavingsAccount(initialBalance: Float) +getSavingsBalance(): Float +applyMonthlyInterest() +setAnnualInterestRate(newInterestRate: Float)
9. (1 point) Write a test program that demonstrates class SavingsAccount capabilities. Your test program should demonstrate all constructors and public member functions. It should also verify all error conditions are handled properly. Place your test program in a file named “hw3.cpp”. 10. (1 point) Make sure your source code is well-commented, consistently formatted, uses no magic numbers/values, follows a consistent style, and is ANSI-compliant.
Place all source code and a screen capture of the output produced by your program in a single Word or PDF document. Submit this document.

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