Homework #4 – Class Complex


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In this assignment you are asked to implement a Complex class that represents a complex number. A complex number consists of a real part + an imaginary part * i where i has the value sqrt(-1). You can learn more about complex numbers at The following UML class diagram shows the attributes and behaviors of class Complex. Note: UML type Float will map to type double when implemented in C++.
Figure 1. UML class diagram for class Complex
1. (1 point) Make sure the basic requirements are met: a. Create files named “Complex.h” and “Complex.cpp” to hold your implementation of class Complex. b. Define a namespace based on your first and last name (e.g. “RayMitchell”) in which you will define class Complex. c. Implement class Complex as shown in the UML diagram. 2. (3 points) Use friend functions to overload the stream insertion (<<) and extraction () operators for class Complex. Both operators must work with fully-formatted complex numbers (e.g. “1+2i”). The stream insertion operator must output complex numbers in this format; the stream extraction operator must read complex numbers in this format (Hint: You can extract a single character from an istream by extracting into a variable of type char). The stream extraction operator does not need to handle invalid input or whitespace embedded within the complex number being read. 3. (3 points) Use member functions to overload the addition (+), subtraction (-), equivalence (==), and non-equivalence (!=) operators for class Complex. 4. (1 point) Make sure const is used correctly throughout class Complex. Be sure to check all pointer parameters, reference parameters, and member functions for proper “const-ness”. 5. (1 point) Write a test program that demonstrates class Complex’s capabilities. Your test program should demonstrate all constructors, public member functions, and friend functions. It should also verify that all error conditions (if any) are handled properly. Place your test program in a file named “hw4.cpp”. 6. (1 point) Make sure your source code is well-commented, consistently formatted, uses no magic numbers/values, follows a consistent style, and is ANSI-compliant.
Place all source code and a screen capture of the output produced by your program in a single Word or PDF document. Submit this document.

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