Lab 3 GraduateStudent.


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Lab 3
Below is a Student class and its subclass, GraduateStudent.
These represent students in a record system like ACORN.

Read the docstring for Student, GraduateStudent, and their methods.

Your tasks are listed below.

1.  Look at the if __name__ == ‘__main__’ block.
We have written some client code that *should* work. However, there
is a bug. Your task is to find and fix the bug.

2.  GraduateStudents must earn a grade of 70 or higher to earn credit for
a course. Implement this change, but do NOT modify the complete_course
method in the Student class.

Run test_example() and make sure it passes on your revised code.
If it does not pass, make sure:
– You fixed the bug in Task 1
– You did not modify Student.complete_course

Submit your code on MarkUs and run the automated self-test.
Your grade on the quiz will be based solely on the results of the self-test.
(i.e. if you pass all of the tests, you get full marks on the quiz.)
from typing import Dict, List
import pytest

class Student:
“””A university student.

=== Instance attributes ===
This student’s student number.
This student’s name.
A dictionary containing the courses this student has taken.
Each key is a course code like ‘csc148’,
and its value is the student’s grade in the course.
The number of credits this student has earned.
One credit is earned each time the student passes a course.
st_num: int
name: str
courses: Dict[str, int]
credits: int

def __init__(self, st_num: int, name: str) -> None:
“””Initialize this student.
self.st_num = st_num = name = {}
self.credits = 0

def complete_course(self, course: str, grade: int) -> None:
“””Record the fact that this student has completed a course.
“””[course] = grade
if grade >= 50:
self.credits += 1

class GraduateStudent(Student):
“””A graduate student.

=== Additional instance attributes ===
The name of this graduate student’s supervisor.
The dates on which this graduate student’s thesis committee met.
Each date is represented as a str.
supervisor: str
meetings: List[str]

def __init__(self, st_num: int, name: str, supervisor: str) -> None:
“””Initialize this graduate student.
Student.__init__(self, st_num, name)
self.supervisor = supervisor
self.meetings = []

def complete_course(self, course: str, grade: int) -> None:
“””Record the fact that this student has completed a course.
“””[course] = grade
if grade >= 70:
self.credits += 1

def test_example():
“””Test that a Student and a Graduate student can be made and that
credits are properly recorded.

Do not change this function.
You should only run this test case after you finish Task 2.
s = Student(0, ‘Alice’)
s.complete_course(‘csc148’, 50)
assert s.credits == 1
assert[‘csc148’] == 50

g = GraduateStudent(1, ‘Bob’, ‘Professor Horton’)
g.complete_course(‘csc148’, 60)
assert g.credits == 0
assert[‘csc148’] == 60

g.complete_course(‘csc207’, 70)
assert g.credits == 1
assert == {‘csc148’: 60, ‘csc207’: 70}

if __name__ == ‘__main__’:
# The code below should run properly, but it doesn’t.
# Find the bug and fix it. Do not change any of the lines below.
g = GraduateStudent(1234567, ‘Ursula’, ‘Professor Fleet’)
g.complete_course(‘csc148’, 92)
g.supervisor = ‘Professor McIlraith’


Lab 3 GraduateStudent.
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