Lab 4: Hangman in Perl!


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Lab 4: Hangman in Perl!
Aim: Write a program to play a word-guessing game like Hangman.
 Let’s get started!
o Create a directory structure to hold your work for this course and all the subsequent labs:
 Suggestion: CS202/Lab4
 Introduction
o The word to guess is represented by a row of dashes, giving the number of letters in the word.
o If the player suggests a letter which occurs in the word, it should write it in all its correct positions
o If the suggested letter does not occur in the word, it should draw one element of a hanged man stick
figure as a tally mark
o The game is over when:
 The player completes the word, or guesses the whole word correctly – Player Wins!
 Number of tries exceeds a limit (completes the hangman diagram) – Player loses!
 Game Simplified:
o It must randomly choose a word from a list of words.
o It must stop when all the letters are guessed correctly.
o It must give them limited tries and stop after they run out.
o It must display letters they have already guessed (either only the incorrect guesses or all guesses).
 Suggestions:
o If you are familiar with OOP in Perl, use classes whenever/wherever possible to imitate real world objects
o If not, then try to modularize your program as much as possible into meaningful subroutines
o First get a simple text version of your game correct!!
o Then try drawing the hangman as shown in the examples.
 Examples:
 Sample List of Words
 Submitting your work:
o All source files and class files as one tar-gzipped archive.
 When unzipped, it should create a directory with your ID. Example: 2008CSB1001 (NO OTHER
FORMAT IS ACCEPTABLE!!! Case sensitive!!!)
o Source files should include the following: (Case-Sensitive file names!!)
 Any other supporting or required files
o Negative marks for any problems/errors in running your programs
o If any aspect of the game / rules are confusing, make an assumption and state it clearly in your README file!
o README file should also have instructions on how to use/run your program!
o Submit/Upload it to Google Classroom
o Marks Allocation
 Correct Text Version [10 points]
 Graphic Version [+5 points]
 Coding Style [2 points]
 README [3 points]

Lab 4: Hangman in Perl!
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