Lab 5: Introduction to Python


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Lab 5: Introduction to Python
Aim: Introduce you to programming in Python quickly!
 Let’s get started!
o Create a directory structure to hold your work for this course and all the subsequent labs:
 Suggestion: CS202/Lab5
 Python Basics
o For this part, refer to Python Basics.pdf
o Note: This part has been adapted from :
o Considering that you all have decent amount of experience with programming in C, C++ and now in Java and
Perl, you are only expected to run through the above document quickly. Try to focus on differences from
other languages!
o Once you are comfortable with the basics, attempt the following exercises.
 Exercise 1:
o Write a program (using functions!) that asks the user for a long string containing multiple words. Print back
to the user the same string, except with the words in backwards order. For example, say I type the string:
My name is Michele Then I would see the string: Michele is name My shown back to me.
o Create and save this program in a file named
 Exercise 2:
o Write a Python function that prints out the first ‘n’ rows of Pascal’s triangle. Sample Pascal’s triangle is
shown below:
o Create and save this program in a file named
 Exercises 3:
o Write a program (function!) that takes a list and returns a new list that contains all the elements of the first
list minus all the duplicates.
 Write two different functions to do this – one using a loop and constructing a list, and another using
sets (call these functions RemDupLoop and RemDupSet)
o Create and save this program in a file named
 Submitting your work:
o All source files as one tar-gzipped archive.
 When unzipped, it should create a directory with your ID. Example: 2008CSB1001 (NO OTHER
FORMAT IS ACCEPTABLE!!! Case sensitive!!!)
 Negative marks if the TA has to manually change this to run his/her scripts!!
o Source files should include the following: (Case-Sensitive file names!!)
 [5 Points]
 [5 Points]
 [5 Points]
o Negative marks for any problems/errors in running your programs
o Submit/Upload it to Google Classroom

Lab 5: Introduction to Python
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