Programming Assignment 1 Development Environment Setup


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CSC 471/371 Mobile Application Development for iOS
Programming Assignment 1
Development Environment Setup

• Submit your assignment in D2L Dropbox.
• Submit a single zip file that contains the contents of the project folder
o To zip your project folder: Ctrl-click your project folder and select
“Compress …” from the context menu.
• It is mandatory to use Xcode 10 for this assignment.
• Include only your source code files, including
o *.swift, *.plist, *.xib, *.storyboard
o image files
o project files (.xcodeproj)
o test folders
• You must use a unique prefix for the project name. (I suggest you use your last name
and first initial as your prefix.) Please use the same prefix for all your
o Note you only need to use the prefix for the project name. It is not necessary
to use the prefix on other files in your project.
• Do not include unused or unrelated files.
• Before you submit, build and run the project, make sure everything compiles and
works. Close your project before zipping the folder.
• Here are the most common reasons assignments are marked down:
o Project does not build.
o Project does not build without warnings.
o One or more items in the Requirements section were not satisfied.
o A fundamental concept was not understood.
o Code is sloppy and hard to read (e.g. indentation is not consistent, etc.).
o Your solution is difficult (or impossible) for someone reading the code to
understand due to lack of comments, poor variable/method names, poor
solution structure, etc.
• Setup your environment correctly
o Create your first iOS application
o Create a test-bed for iOS and Swift development
o Navigate the iPhone Developer’s website
§ Make sure that you join DePaul’s developers program
o OS environment
§ Mac OS – tools setup
o Communication
§ Using the Google group for discussions and Q&A
1. Create your own Hello World program for the iPhone simulator
a. Display your own message(s) with your own style (font, color, etc.)
b. Find or make a cool icon for you app
2. Make sure your program
a. builds without errors or warnings, and
b. runs without crashing
• If your project doesn’t build and run correctly,
o Make sure that iOS SDK and Xcode is installed and working on the machine
o Verify that you have iPhone Simulator selected

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