Programming Assignment #2


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Programming Assignment #2
75 points
Due Date/Time:
Your project is due on Monday March 12th at 8 A.M. Hardcopy of your Java
source code files is also due at that same time.
The Program:
For this assignment, you will write two more implementations of a Priority Queue.
Using the same interface as program #1, you will write two linked listed
Your implementations will be:
1. Ordered Singly Linked List
2. Unordered Singly Linked List
Both implementations must have identical behavior, and must implement the
PriorityQueue interface used in program #1. The implementations must have a single
no-argument constructor. As linked lists are never full, there is no default size or
maximum size.
Thus, your project will consist of the following files. You must use exactly these
• The ADT interface (provided in Assignmeng 1)
• The ordered list implementation.
• The unordered list implementation.
Additional Details:
• Each method must be as efficient as possible. That is, a O(n) is unacceptable if
the method could be written with O(log n) complexity.
• You may not make any modifications to the PriorityQueue interface provided. I
will grade your project with my copy of this file. This interface is
UNCHANGED from project #1
• All relevant requirements from the first assignment apply here. Of course,
arrays will have a limited size but linked lists do not. Thus, all references to
maximum size are not relevant for this assignment.
• The isFull() method should be hardcoded to return false.
• You should ignore (but do not remove) the DEFAULT_MAX_CAPACITY
variable in the interface.
Turning in your project:
To submit your project, you must copy both Java source code files into
your handin/prog2 subdirectory. You will submit a printout of these files in class on
the due date.[IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not recreate the data_structures subdirectory
in the handin subdirectory–just copy your two files into the handin/prog2/ directory
itself.] Be sure to check the Program Submission Guidelines page.
Cheating Policy
There is a zero tolerance policy on cheating in this course. You are expected to
complete all programming assignments on your own. Collaboration with other
students in the course is not permitted. You may discuss ideas or solutions in general
terms with other students, but you must not exchange code. During the grading
process I will examine your code carefully. Anyone caught cheating on a
programming assignment (or on an exam) will receive an “F” in the course, and a
referral to Judicial Procedures.

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