Programming Assignment 2 Swift Programming


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CSC 471/371 Mobile Application Development for iOS
Programming Assignment 2
Swift Programming

• Submit your assignment in D2L Dropbox.
• Submit a single zip file that contains the contents of the project folder
o To zip your project folder: Ctrl-click your project folder and select
“Compress …” from the context menu.
• It is mandatory to use Xcode 10 and Swift 4 for this assignment.
• Include only your source code files, including
o *.swift, *.plist, *.xib, *.storyboard
o image files
o project files (.xcodeproj)
o test folders
• You must use a unique prefix for the project name. (I suggest you use your last name
and first initial as your prefix.) Please use the same prefix for all your
o Note you only need to use the prefix for the project name. It is not necessary
to use the prefix on other files in your project.
• Do not include unused or unrelated files.
• Before you submit, build and run the project, make sure everything compiles and
works. Close your project before zipping the folder.
• Here are the most common reasons assignments are marked down:
o Project does not build.
o Project does not build without warnings.
o One or more items in the Requirements section were not satisfied.
o A fundamental concept was not understood.
o Code is sloppy and hard to read (e.g. indentation is not consistent, etc.).
o Your solution is difficult (or impossible) for someone reading the code to
understand due to lack of comments, poor variable/method names, poor
solution structure, etc.
• Explore the Swift programming language
• Write a simple function and a class in Swift
• Experiment with Playground
1. Create a new Playground. Include all the code of this assignment in a single
Playground. Compress the Playground to a zipped archive file. Submit the zip file in
2. Write a function in Swift that performs the following tasks
a. Function rank performs a binary search of a key in a sorted integer array. If
the key appears in the array, the rank function returns the index of key in the
array. If the key does not appear in the array, the rank function returns -1. (A
Java implementation of the rank function can be found in Algorithm, 4th ed. by
R. Sedgewick and K. Wayne, the textbook of the data structures course.)
b. Create a sorted integer array to test the rank function. Make several calls o the
rank function. Verify that the results are correct.
3. Write a more complete version of the Fraction class we have discussed in the lecture.
Start from scratch and type in all the code yourself. (You will learn more from the
mistakes you make along the way.)
a. Add methods to the Fraction class, version 4 (Program 6.6 in the playground
Swift Part 01 – The Basics) to compute the subtraction, multiplication, and
division of two fractions in a similar way to the add method (for the formulae
to compute the subtraction, multiplication, and division of two fractions, see Each method should take
another fraction object as the parameter and return the result as a new Fraction
object. The resulting fraction should not have common factors in its
numerator and denominator.
b. Write test code to test each of the new methods of the class with different
input values. Verify that your results are correct.

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