Project 1-family Budget Assistance





The purpose of this lab project is to expose you to writing programs usinginput, process, and output, in addition to formatting and displaying headings and footings in a report.


Problem Specification:

You are working for the FamilyBudgetAssistanceCenter.  Your boss has asked you to write and execute a program that will analyze family’s data. Input consists of the following:


Family Name ( a string)

Family ID number (int)

Number in family (int)

Income (float)

Total debts (float)


Your program should output the following:

An appropriate header.
The family’s name, identification number, number in family, income, and total debts.
Predicted family living expenses ($5000.00 per family member).
The monthly payment necessary to pay off the debt in one year.
The amount the family should save (family size * 0.02* (income – debt).
Your service fee (1% of the income).
Run your program for the following two families:


Name              ID Number    Size Income    Debt


James Davis1251              4          28,000.00        4800.00

Lisa James       1255                5          39,000.00        3200.00



Output for the first family could be:



Family budget AssistanceCenter

March 2011

Telephone:     (800) 555-1234



Name                                      James Davis

Identification number           51

Family size                             4

Annual income                        $ 28000.00

Total debt                               $ 4800.00

Expected living expenses      $ 20000.00

Monthly payment                  $ 400.00

Savings                                   $ 1856.00

Service fee                              $ 280.00


Thank you for using your FamilyBudgetAssistanceCenter.



·         Comment thoroughly.Include: your name, course #, date, and a brief explanation of does the program do.

·         Following good structured programming practices, you should solve this program by hand before you try and write the code.  You should calculate the results for each of the inputs before you write the program, and ensure that your program gives you the expected output for those inputs before submitting.

·         Create two constants one for the living expense per person (5000.00) and for service rate (.01).

·         Calculate using the two constants you declared, and whatever values the user enters.

·         Output the report as listed above.


Grading criteria:

10 points         Good programming practices: Proper spacing, comments, use of variables, and appearance of program.

10 points         Program is consistent with programming coding standards.

10 points         Flowchart or algorithm is handed-in and is correct.

10 points         proper prompts and corresponding input statement for each input.

5 points         Constants are used.

10 points         Proper headings and titles are printed.

10 points         Output is aligned using manipulators.

5 points         Proper indentation in source program.

5 points         Proper footing is printed.

20 points         Program runs correctly and produces the intended results.

5 points           multiple test runs are submitted (programs’ output)


Submission Details:

Submit a print-out of:The program, a flowchart or pseudo-code, multiple testruns.