Project 3 New Year Countdown


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For this assignment, you’re going to create an application that will assist users in
celebrating New Years’ Festivities and other events requiring countdowns. The user should be
able to start an app, which displays an activity allowing the user to specify the amount of time
(in seconds) to count down, and the highest value notification at which notifications should be
displayed (the intervals are described later), thusly:Firstly, the “Time to Count Down” should be typed by the user in a text box, but must be at least 5
seconds, and must be a multiple of 5 seconds. It can maximally be 120 seconds (2 minutes.)
During this time (before the user hits the Set Count Down button), the Highest Notification Spinner
will be disabled (grayed out.)
Secondly, after the user enters a valid value and hits the “Set Count Down” button, the Spinner
next to “Highest Notification:” will be populated with all of the following values (see below), up
to the count down time total, exclusive.
1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60, 90
In other words, if the user had entered 20 seconds as the time to count down, it wouldn’t make
sense to allow the user to set the highest time for a notification to something greater than 20
Finally, the user must also put a “Message” into the textbox next to Message. This is the “event
message” that will be displayed with the notifications.
The user can then click “Start Countdown”, at which time a Toast will appear saying,
“Countdown has been started.”
After each interval, a notification should appear from your app in the notification drawer. This
should happen with or without your app open anymore.
By notification, I mean actual notification, not Logcat log, or Toast.
As an example, if the user enters 120 in the “time to count down”, then that will set a countdown
value of 120 seconds. If the highest notification value is set to 30, that means that only when the
countdown reaches 30 seconds will the first notification appear. Then, one will appear at 20,
then one at 10, 5, 1, and then finally the Message should be displayed as: “Time for:
<message”.If the user put “Happy New Year” for the above scenario, the notifications would be like the
Time reached at countdown Message displayed in Notification
120 “Countdown has been started”
90 “90 seconds until Happy New Year”
60 “60 seconds until Happy New Year”
30 “30 seconds until Happy New Year”
20 “20 seconds until Happy New Year”
10 “10 seconds until Happy New Year”
5 “5 seconds until Happy New Year”
1 “1 second until Happy New Year”
0 “Time for: Happy New Year”

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