Project 4 Design, and implement a mobile app


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This assignment is a little bit open-ended. In other words, you will have some flexibility. However, you
must demonstrate knowledge of mobile development.
You must have at least the following to receive full points:
• An appropriate layout for the project you have chosen
• Three different types of widgets
• Two activities
o Fragments are okay also
• A menu system or preferences
o You only need one or the other, but you can use both
• A demonstration of multi-threading that makes use of something such as:
o Web service or some other network-intensive action
o SQLite DB or large file I/O
• A document (.doc, .docx, or .pdf) containing a description of your program’s use, and screen
shots showing the activities and features of your program
o You must have at least one screen shot of each activity/fragment
• A test plan
Part of your grade will be based on creativity, technical correctness, good programming style,
comments, etc.

PlaceholderProject 4 Design, and implement a mobile app
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