Project – Word Scramble


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# Project – Word Scramble
### Complete project 5.3 in the text

>It is a well-known phenomenon that most people are easily able to read a text whose words have two characters flipped, provided the first and last letter of each word are not changed. For example:

I dn’ot gvie a dman for a man taht can olny sepll a wrod one way. (Mark Twain)

>Write a method String scramble(String word) that constructs a scrambled version of a given word, randomly flipping two characters other than the first and last one. Then write a program that reads words and prints the scrambled words.  The following pseudocode may help you to develop the method,

*Check if word length of string is greater than 3
If word length is greater than 3
Generate 2 indexes of the characters to swap
Swap the characters in the string
End If
Return the string*

* Due: Mar 24 2019

Project – Word Scramble
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